Sex Ed, Legislation, Khan Academy, &fc.

Some people want to ban discussion of sex in school, including use of contraception, homosexuality, dinosaurs, etc.  The argument is that morals are taught at home.  School should be where you learn math and writing, not where you learn what math and writing can do.

I sort of get it. Parents, right? Parents do that stuff. In some ways it would be nice if you could go to school and just download information into your brain, and come home to get your dose of culture.  It’d be like that scene in The Matrix where he learns Kung Fu, except really boring, takes a decade instead of 5 minutes, and teaches you to submit to the machine.

Obvi: it’s too simplistic.  If you send your kid to spend 40 hours a week with a group of adults that aren’t you, your kid is going to pick up some values from those adults.  It would be cool if you had total control over another person’s morals, but if you want our society to help you out by teaching your kids you’re going to have to face the fact that some of society is going to spill on them.

Trust teachers or don’t. Talk to them about what you want and see if they’ll give it to you. You can’t legislate this, ffs – don’t pretend you can abstract our service away from our humanity.

If you don’t want them to learn about differing viewpoints, keep your kids home in front of Khan Academy.  Be careful, though: even recordings of other adults can transmit infectious opinions.