Another Successful Virtual Conference!

It was an honor to host the Virtual Conference again this summer.  With 24 presenters and over 5,000 hits on the convention center index alone (not including the articles themselves!), it feels like an established, useful, important piece of professional development.  We work hard from fall to spring, and to come together to continue our professional development in the middle of the off season is an impressive testament to our dedication.  Thanks for sharing, learning, and letting Michal and me be a part of it!

Normal Point of Inflection programming will now resume, and I’m already looking forward to the conference next July!


2 thoughts on “Another Successful Virtual Conference!”

  1. Thanks for running the virtual conference. I didn’t get a huge number of hits on the blog post that I put in the conference (it hasn’t even climbed up into my top 100 most-viewed posts), but maybe some education students will find the conference when they come back to classes in the fall.

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