But Wait, There’s More! #vccv

It is my pleasure to announce that four more excellent writers will be fortifying the framework of the virtual conference this year:

Michal has been a big help in finding and coordinating communications with these presenters, and I’m excited by the lineup – especially since these four new presenters are outside my usual network.  In this conference about the core values and the basic motivations of education, I hope we are all stretched in a useful way.  Still, there are a few demographics painfully absent from the lineup of speakers, and perhaps the most painful is: students! If you are in contact with students during the summer, please think about who you know that’s still in school that would like to contribute.  Too often we forget to ask our charges what they think of what we’re doing, and what they think the point of all this is!

You can see the whole schedule at the convention center.  It starts in July! I hope you’ll participate.  On July 1, we’ll make a kickoff post with instructions for submitting your piece.

Thanks for your enthusiasm! Get those posts ready! Plus: extra credit for any presenters who use a format other than “the article.”

PS: I’m joking about the extra credit. The last time I joked about it I lost 10% of my readership.



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