Virtual Conference Keynote Speakers #vccv

Everyone is invited to participate and present in the virtual conference on core values (#vccv) this July. All you need to do is respond to the prompt, on your blog, and email me. I’ll update the program at the convention center with your post!

Each year, though, there are “keynote speakers” who provide a basic structure for the conference. This year, I am honored to announce:

These four men are actively engaged in defining education, and I’m excited about the conversation we’ll have this year.  If these four can’t motivate you to write about your educational philosophy… well, even if we can’t get you to share your thoughts in an article, I hope you’ll join the conversation in the comments!

I want to especially encourage you to post if you’re a woman, of an ethnicity not already represented, or of a country other than the United States. I regret finding only white men from the US to lead the conference, and sincerely hope to hear a wider range of values and perspectives represented this July.

This is the second annual virtual conference at Point of Inflection, and I’m honored to have so many presenters and attendees. Thank you. I hope we have an inspiring… and helpful… conversation!

3 thoughts on “Virtual Conference Keynote Speakers #vccv”

  1. RIley, I recommend that you ask Maria Droujkova to write. I also recommend Deborah Meier and Diane Ravitch. And Dina at The Line. I could recommend a (female) blogger who writes from a Montessori perspective, too.

    Are you willing to include unschoolers? There are two wonderful bloggers I know of who could reframe your question, and write passionately about their perspective on education.

    Please do find a way to add women and people of color to your list of keynote speakers. (I am happy to help you find more good ones, if you need help.)

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