Smart Criticism of SBG

One of my new hobbies is collecting criticism of SBG.  SBG has a lot of great properties, but the enthusiasm for it sometimes glosses over some of its problems.  One writer examining SBG pretty closely with an open mind is the author of Gas Station Without Pumps.  He/she writes about a lot of things, but if you like my blog you’ll like his/her posts on SBG.

The thing I worry about most with SBG is that we might get complacent – that our students can learn to play SBG just like they’ve been playing the rest of school their whole lives, and GSWP hits that nerve hard with Just scoring points.

One thought on “Smart Criticism of SBG”

  1. I’m not sure that playing the SBG game is all that bad of a thing. There sure is a lot more learning that takes place in playing this game than in a points/quiz based grading system.

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