One Week Left!

I’m a camp person (you may have gathered) and so I’m used to working in communities of hard-working people willing to share their inner emotions for the betterment of themselves and everyone else. We’re having the hottest summer of our life here at Shiloh this summer, and it’s been tough, but we’re finding ways to have fun and to keep the campers at the forefront.

I forget that people everywhere want to live like this. The passion I’m seeing going into the 13 presentations (so far) at the Virtual Conference on Soft Skills and the dedication to improvement that is clearly evident in the middle of the summer is inspiring. As teachers we’ve chosen our method of improving the world, and I, personally, am really glad we’re getting so good at it. Thank you for your work in your classroom!

There’s still a week to contribute to the conference. Read through the presentations that have already been made, think about what you have to contribute, or, heck, just write about what you know you still have to learn, or get up the courage to try, or smooth out the edges around.

I have a sneaking suspicion that many of you that read this blog regularly are good teachers (though I obviously have limited and circumstantial evidence). Let’s keep getting better!


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