How to Present at the Virtual Conference on Soft Skills

All you need to do to participate in the conference is:

  1. Write a blog post about soft skills (see the call for presenters for ideas).
  2. Title or subtitle it “Virtual Conference on Soft Skills”
  3. Publish it between July 3 and July 30.  If you don’t have your own blog, send your article to me and I’ll post it here under your name.
  4. Email me ( so that I can add it to the index

Fun ways to spice it up could include a video or podcast of yourself actually presenting your post, or, even better, a video or audio recording of yourself actually using your skills!  That could get tricky, but I’m at camp right now and I can’t help but thinking big.  After I publish this post I’m going to go help my in-camp staff create a puppet theater – maybe my presentation will be done with puppets!

If you’re on the fence about presenting, just go ahead and do it!  Several people have emailed me saying that they’re not really comfortable writing about these kinds of skills, but I want to let out a secret, here: nobody is super comfortable with soft skills.  These are the scary, I-might-really-have-a-lasting-effect-on-this-kid interactions.  These are the personal connections between you and a student, or between students.  It’s right to be nervous about them, but it’s not right to let that timidity stop us from learning and sharing!

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