In Which His Readers Begin To Suspect That Riley Usually Spends A Lot Of Time Editing

Hello, fellow shapers of tomorrow!

The conference is a big success so far already: many people have written to me saying that they’ve been inspired to start writing, or, if they already write, to write specifically about soft skills. We’re at a total of 12 pledged “speakers” (writers) right now, and I assume there will be writers that haven’t yet announced themselves. Fantastic!

Of course I would be happy if that alone were the only success of the conference, but I suspect the successes will keep coming – I expect a lot of attention and discussion with each presentation. Please keep spreading the word about this conference – it starts in less than two weeks, but there’s still plenty of time to think about what you’re going to write, and the more we get people thinking about it now the bigger our success will be. But don’t link them to this nondescript, unedited post – link them to the Convention Center!

This post and others I may write in the next two month are unedited because I have dedicated myself to being a camp director for the summer.  Being a camp director means many wonderful things, including that I get the opportunity to commit myself fully to a single, righteous, spiritually uplifting and terrifically fun goal.  But it also means I don’t get to write blog posts as often as I do during the year.  I’m going to share a lot of this with you soon.  Don’t go away.  There’s magic in the work you can do at a summer camp that I think is vital to share in our math classrooms, and I want to tell you about it; spreading this magic is one of my two life goals.  Please stay tuned!  If you’re new here, there are about 50 articles in the archive I hope you’ll scan through.  And they’re all better composed than this one! 😉

SO: Think about contributing to the convention, give it another tweet or link, and I’ll see you on July 3rd!


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