Grades after the first week, students by rows, skills by column.  Really disappointing, especially since I thought my lessons went well this week.

Do you ever give tests that pretty much everyone fails?

3 thoughts on “Yikes”

  1. Just today I got completely demoralized grading a quiz because it’s like the five days we just spent on simplifying rational expressions never even happened. They were leaving questions blank (at least those are easy to grade), crossing out things that were not factors, adding denominators (since when? come ON!)…

    And then they ask if I think they could take Honors Precalculus next year. Um, no.

  2. Results like this make me especially embarrassed about my first years as a teacher. I’m sure in past years I had weeks which I thought were just _so great_ but left students clueless.

    I think with this particular example I might have just given the test too early. I’m into routine, and my Algebra tests are on Friday, dammit – who cares that we only had 3 hours of class beforehand this whole semester! But the cost is a bunch of students who just experienced a lot of failure, formally recorded for at least a week. I’m sorry, kids! Not to mention the feeling that *I* got all those low scores.

    I never cared about grades when I was a student – it’s funny to finally be so affected by them. I finally know how all those studious students felt while I was playing ultimate behind the school!

  3. My Algebra 2 class looks a lot like that. Granted, some of my students have some special needs in addition to their deafness, but you start looking at grades and test scores wondering, “What is wrong with this picture?”

    @Kate Isn’t it funny how kids that barely pass one class want to take the next class right away? Or, in your case, move up to honors. Wow. I used your “Factor Me”… “Me too”… grading Alg2 finals. *smile*

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