ActivePrompt 4

Hey Y’all,

So I made ActivePrompt 1 in late 2012 while I waited for a late plane because I needed to learn a new programming language and I was inspired (as always) by Dan Meyer’s collaborations with Dave Major, et al.

I made ActivePrompts 2 and 3 in spare weekends in 2013, and started making ActivePrompt 4, Pear Deck, this January.

Pear Deck is kind of serious. It’s like ActivePrompt, plus the following important features:

  • Plan a series of prompts instead of just a single prompt
  • Save your students’ responses from each class as a separate thing for later review
  • Attach student names to responses (only for the teacher) automatically with Google Apps
  • Save your prompt(s) to Google Drive for later review
  • Import a Google Presentation or PowerPoint (via PDF) so you don’t have to switch between tools
  • Use the embedded Google Image Search to find images in one step
  • Ask for numeric or text responses as well as drag-the-dot

I started a company with the original ActiveGrade folks and a new partner, Anthony, and now we’re in a private beta with about 30 super-active teachers and 2000 lucky (?) students.

I’ve been basically coding furiously since the start of the year and it hit me in a flash that we’re really doing all of this in large part because of the support and feedback I got from you on this blog, and in return I’ve just gone radio silent! I have nothing to give you, really, but I’m still happy to chat on twitter, and I’d be honored if you’d give Pear Deck a whirl.  I snuck a golden ticket out of the factory so you can skip the application process (although it is going to ask for your email addy). It’s only got 50 credits on it, but I can charge it up again if it runs out.  The only requirement is a Google Account – you can (probably) use your school account if your school is on GAFE, and your personal Gmail account will work great for sure.

Pear Deck Golden Ticket!

Thanks again for the good times and support – I hope I get more time to write here again!

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