Personal Update: Next Project

Ahoy, long-time readers!  Guess what?  I’m starting a brand-new project!  It’s going to be awesome.

I still have a passion for SBG.  We’ve gotten ActiveGrade all embedded in Haiku and they’re going to continue to do great work with it, but I’m heading a new direction – beefing up ActivePrompt to make it easier to use in your classroom, and useful to you as a teacher in deeper ways.  I think of ActiveGrade + Haiku as a big success and I’m proud of what we accomplished with it.  Thanks for all of your help with ideas, feedback, and your own stories on your own blogs!  Everything I know about SBG I learned from you.

I’m happy to answer any questions, and I’m *really* happy to collect any ideas or successes you have with ActivePrompt.  We’ll be making a bigger announcement in a couple of months, but you can reach me right now at .  I’m afraid I won’t be checking my ActiveGrade mail any more, so please write to me directly, or leave comments here.

Thanks again,


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