New Point!

Ahoy, faithful readers!

I started this blog as a reflection on my teaching practice. It ended up connecting me with you, a helpful group of people willing to give me feedback on my theories.  The title I picked was just the title of the lesson I gave that day, but it was an apt one for what this blog has done for me.

For the last couple of years I have been making a piece of software to help teachers. I still think about education pretty much all the time, but more and more it’s abstracting away from my thoughts as a high-school math teacher.  These days I learn more about business and software design than I do about teaching, and the problem is that I’ve been limiting my writing to things I think you’ll be interested in.  I still find myself at a point of inflection, but it’s a really new point, very different from the namesake point, and I keep worrying that you’ll be bored if I write about the fascinations of networking, salesmanship, software design.

But I’ve become confident that these things ARE related to being a teacher! Furthermore, I’ve missed the personal development that regular blogging got me. So, loyal reader, this message is a warning and apology: my craft is shifting, and so will my blog.  Thank you for encouraging me and critiquing me thus far!  I hope you will stay, and keep reading, because I happen to know that for at least one teacher software and business are a very natural progression from teaching.  I think you might find that connections to the classroom can be found throughout my experiments in software and business, and I hope you will still comment.


Thank you for all of your help. I hope you’ve gotten value out of this blog, and I hope you can get some more!

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