6 Ways I Disrespected My Students

  1. I have assigned homework without a clear idea of what good it would do them
  2. I gave tests that permanently affected their lives without being ultra-clear about my expectations
  3. I have written things in grade reports to parents that I had not yet told the students
  4. I changed my expectations and grading policies mid-semester
  5. I steered conversations toward lesson goals while pretending it was an open-ended investigation

The thing is, I did all of these things without really thinking of them as disrespectful. Once I realized that my students were people in the prime of their health, trusting hundreds of hours of their youth to me… it was easier to get my copies done on time.

I was eager to correct my attitude, but in my eagerness I made another mistake.

  1. I overreacted and put too much pressure on the students to be their own guides. I forgot that 15-year-olds do still need guidance, and left them to unguided exploration that left them feeling lost and foolish.


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