The Forest

It has come to our attention that our students are spending huge amounts of time in the forest nearby the school. In the forest, there are many dangerous adults and our students are sometimes dangerous to each other when they are in the forest.

New school policy regarding the nearby forest #1:

It is now against school policy to be anywhere near our students when they are in the forest because, if any teachers are dangerous adults and harm our students in the forest that would look bad for the school because we allowed them to be in the forest together.


New school policy regarding the nearby forest #2:

While we encourage staff to be in the forest with our students, it is very important be mindful that when you are in the forest there are always students around and that even when you are in the forest on your own time and taking steps to avoid them, students are around and will likely see what you do there. Assume that everything you do in the forest will be seen by students, parents, administrators, and school board members and conduct yourselves accordingly.

Please get to know the forest very well. Our students are spending a large percentage of their time there. Sometimes adults can find it kind of scary, but it actually has a lot to offer. The more good adults there are in the forest, the safer it will be for everyone. Much of the fear will go away once you get to know the place.

It can actually be a useful resource for your classes. We will offer staff development to help you learn ways you can use the forest.

If there are many teachers and other positive adults in the forest, it will be much more difficult for teachers who are actually dangerous adults to get away with being bad.

Please help to make the forest safer for everyone.

My friend Irving wrote this. He works at Scattergood Friends School.

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