I’m Riley Eynon-Lynch, AKA Riley Lark.  My crafts are communication and software.

This is my blog. I started it in 2008 and it changed my life in a bunch of ways.  It brings a new level of reflection to my life – it’s like introspection, but better, because I know you’re going to read it and I have to be a little more careful that my thoughts are defensible.  I’m a part of a community of bloggers from which I’ve learned or been inspired to learn almost everything that I now hold as important to now, and this blog is my subscription fee.

I hope you’ll subscribe, leave comments, and follow me on twitter @rileylark.  You can email me at rileylark@gmail.com.  Thanks for reading!

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9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Your blog is terrific; when you have time, start a Twitter account: there’s a lot of like-minded folk tweeting, and two already commenting positively on the Blog.

  2. Hi Riley,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, particularly your sketches on giving students time and autonomy, serving up the best lessons when least prepared, and your enthusiasm for connecting teaching with programming. As you may recall I taught philosophy for a while but ended up a developer. Your ideas resonate well with my experience.

    Keep up the good work!

    Best, Frank X White

  3. Hey! I’m going to pass this website along to my students — it is just so smart!

    On another note: Beth accidentally closed my Scattergood email and Chris doesn’t think I can get ANYTHING back — I HATE to bother you with this, but if you think Chris is wrong and there’s something I can do, I’d appreciate knowing that.

    Trying to make a plan to see Michal – I want to see your house, too! We miss you! Just a few weeks to go!

  4. We have a blog roll page on our website and would like your permission to post your Point of Inflection Blog RSS feed. The post of your article on our page will be limited to the title tag, about the first 220 characters of the description tag (the article), and the link back provided in the feed.

    Thank you for considering this request.

    Mr. Martini’s Classroom

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